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Take your customs declarations to a whole new level

Metro provide customs clearance services at all UK airports and ports of arrival and departure, including inland border points, with import and export entry processes completed within two hours. Simply provide us with your commercial invoice, packing list and any other supporting documents and... Read more

Royal assent for Electronic Trade Documents Bill

Exactly two weeks ago the Electronic Trade Documents Act 2023 (The Act) received Royal Assent from King Charles III and will come into effect on the 20th September 2023. It sets out the basis upon which trade documents can exist and be dealt with in electronic form, such that an electronic trade ... Read more

Survey confirms Metro’s strategy on environment

A survey by the British International Freight Association (BIFA) confirms that freight forwarders are coming under increasing pressure from customers to show evidence of decarbonisation, while those same customers need to get ready for carbon emission audits now. The BIFA survey found that leg... Read more

Sustainability is good business

As the effects of climate change intensify, the pressure on the food sector will increase over the coming decades, which is encapsulated by the FDF’s environmental ambition in creating a more sustainable food system.  Supply chain issues, labour shortages, threats to energy security and... Read more

Visibility in the food supply chain

For many importers, the underlying problem that prevented them from pivoting their supply chain as the pandemic’s impact became more pervasive was lack of visibility and control upstream.  The food supply chain has stabilised since the pandemic, but new macro events continue to create d... Read more

Automotive trends – We are in lockstep 

In a sign of the growing strategic significance of supply chain management for carmakers, two major manufacturers have appointed chief supply chain officers (CSCO) this month. Their appointments come after the industry has battled disruption to production and supply chains, shortages in semicondu... Read more

European division continues expansion

Five months ago European Director, Richard Gibbs, outlined his vision for Metro’s road freight and short sea services, in developing the business’ capability across the EU. Today, he updates us on his progress and next priorities. “Since the start of the year we have been working very cl... Read more

Supercharging supply chains for growth

The pandemic laid bare the critical importance of supply chains and executives tasked with managing them are much more significant figures in their businesses, as continuing success is highly dependent on improving supply chains. For too many businesses the gap between supply chain planning, a... Read more

Delivering the sustainable future, today

Alongside customers in key verticals, including food, drink, cars and commercial vehicles, Metro is committed to the highest environmental standards, by maintaining carbon neutrality, investing in alternative fuels and supporting our customers with technology-enabled sustainable supply chains. ... Read more

Setting the environmental auto supply chain benchmark

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) represents more than 800 automotive companies, manufacturers and brands, and is one of the most influential trade associations in the UK, shaping policy and legislation across the UK and Europe. Metro is a member of key vertical trade assoc... Read more

CMA CGM join Metro’s drive for sustainable aviation fuel

Metro was the first Air France/KLM customer to invest in their Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) programme and we are delighted to see that CMA CGM Air Cargo, though their capacity partnership announced last year, have also committed to reducing their emissions through the use of sustainable aviati... Read more

CargoWise and Metro’s MVT provide unrivalled technological edge

Executing highly complex shipping transactions across multiple users, functions, offices, countries, currencies and languages, Cargowise automates workflows, optimises business processes and provides real-time data visibility. Cargowise is providing more time for Metro to concentrate on the se... Read more