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The recent sinking of the Prestige Falcon oil tanker, following a Houthi attack, marks the deadliest incident involving these strikes to date. The vessel capsized near the Omani coastal city of Duqm, and while the Indian Navy rescued nine of the 16 crew members, one was found deceased, and six... Read more

Fresh Start for UK Trade

The UK economy has faced significant challenges in recent years, impacted by global economic shocks, but signs of recovery are emerging as GDP growth returns, inflation declines, interest rates fall and consumer confidence grows. Economic projections are indicating a positive outlook, despite ... Read more

A New Government – a New Britain; Strengthening UK Supply Chains for Economic Resilience

The Labour party’s manifesto outlines a commitment to bolster the resilience of supply chains in key sectors, a task that Transport Secretary Louise Haigh will spearhead. Recent global events, such as the war in Ukraine and pandemic-induced disruptions, have underscored the necessity of this... Read more

Market Stability Following Labour’s Victory

The UK financial markets have shown remarkable stability following Labour’s landslide victory in the snap election called by Rishi Sunak. Labour’s win has bolstered investor confidence, with UK stocks, bonds, and sterling all seeing gains. Since late May, the pound has been the only G10 cu... Read more

Europe may experience its own near-shoring boom

As planes descend into Monterrey airport, an expanse of warehouses and manufacturing complexes stretches out for miles, exemplifying the near-shoring boom that has swept through Mexico in recent years, as Asian companies and their supply chains move closer to the United States. Drivers of Mexi... Read more

UK is world’s 4th largest exporter – we look behind the headline

The UK, which ranked 7th in 2021, leapt up to become the world’s 4th largest exporter in 2022, according to new data published by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). But it may not be all good news and there’s plenty to consider within the data. The UK’s rise to become t... Read more

India; sourcing opportunity

For years India has been looked to as the next global manufacturing powerhouse and it now appears to be finally becoming the manufacturing power and sourcing alternative to China that it has long promised to be. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi inherited an economy that was teetering on ... Read more

China makes too much, but production is moving

The West says China makes too much, but many manufacturers have moved production to other countries to cut costs, leaving once prosperous manufacturing hubs like Dongguan struggling to adjust. In recent years workers began to demand higher wages, while companies began cutting prices in order t... Read more

MPC Maintain the status quo…for now

On the 21st March the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) surprised no one by holding interest rates at 5.25% for the fifth time in a row, with eight of nine committee members voting to leave rates unchanged in March.  Despite maintaining the current status quo Andrew Bailey, ... Read more

Near-shoring boosted by supply chain disruption

The post-COVID environment, geopolitical uncertainty, protectionism, climate-change events and now the Red Sea crisis have all put pressure on global supply chains and as we discovered at TPM, companies are increasingly considering the evolution of their global supply chains to minimise risk and ... Read more

China dumping fears growing

The United States is voicing increasing concerns that Chinese manufacturing overcapacity will hit world markets, while the EU launched an anti-dumping investigation into China’s EV industry last year. Senior US Treasury officials told the Financial Times this week that a visiting US delega... Read more

Red Sea Crisis insurance withdrawals – fact or fiction?

In addition to fast-rising ocean freight rates and extended transit times, as the container shipping lines divert around Africa, shippers have been struggling to understand what (if any) insurance is in place, with insurance companies massively increasing war risk premiums and no longer willing t... Read more