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Swiss harden position in EU market access talks with the BLOC

Last Wednesday, Switzerland announced its withdrawal from negotiations on closer ties with the EU, after failing to reach agreement on wages and immigration. The move by the Swiss government to withdraw from negotiations on a single encompassing “framework agreement” may result i... Read more

Join Fracht USA webinar for the BIG answers and market updates

With our joint venture partner Fracht, Metro plan, organise and manage the protection, handling and global transportation of large, heavy, high value, and complex pieces of equipment. Project movements are all about attention to detail, effective briefing and the proven audit and planning proc... Read more

Another successful project movement; The careful application of power

Representing two of the world’s largest industrial manufacturing and power plant  brands, Metro joint venture partner Fracht provided an expert on-site team to dismantle and remove the turbine and rotor, for refurbishment in Poland, at a renewable energy plant in the south east of England.... Read more

COSCO appoint Metro partner

Polytra, a subsidiary of our joint venture partner Fracht, has been appointed agent for COSCO shipping lines in Kinshasa, the capital and largest city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Polytra Congo secured the liner agency contract with COSCO Shipping after successfully creating a ship... Read more