Date: 30.09.2020

Another successful project movement; The careful application of power

Representing two of the world’s largest industrial manufacturing and power plant  brands, Metro joint venture partner Fracht provided an expert on-site team to dismantle and remove the turbine and rotor, for refurbishment in Poland, at a renewable energy plant in the south east of England.

Turbines play a significant role in energy generation and are increasingly applied in the renewable energy sector. Because the spinning stage of turbine operation is so crucial to the creation of energy, it is important for power plants to have their turbines and rotors regularly refurbished, to maintain optimum performance.

Tasked with preparing and removing the turbine and rotor, for transport to a specialised facility in Poland, for refurbishment, the Fracht on-site team began with a full inspection of the turbine.

Power plant turbines are colossal pieces of equipment that are incredibly resilient, but they are also precisely engineered and must be carefully handled at all times, to safeguard fragile components. 

Having accounted for, and individually identified, each component and part, the Fracht team carefully removed tension bolts, dismantled the turbine, rotor housing and shields, with the rotor ready to be lifted onto a specially designed cradle, ready for transport.

Prior to any crane lifts the team had to pack components, prepare lifting points and create detailed plans, for all participants.

Ensuring the safe and effective handling of these fragile giants, depends on accurate centre of gravity (COG) balancing calculations, that maintain a level lift, with a tolerance of just 6/100th’s.

Working effectively and closely with client personnel and other contractors during critical operational points and lifts is critical and involves all our specialist engineers, slingers and remote control crane operators.

The turbine and rotors are currently en-route to Poland for modification upgrade, following which we will we be moving all the components back and reassembling on-site with all new modifications completed.

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