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Peak season impact on container freight rates

The last week of June saw further gains on sea freight spot rates from Asia into Europe and North America, as a series of peak season surcharges (PSS) were imposed and new FAK levels from 1st July creating double-digit increases in spot freight rates. With spot and FAK rates across all three c... Read more

A New Government – a New Britain; Strengthening UK Supply Chains for Economic Resilience

The Labour party’s manifesto outlines a commitment to bolster the resilience of supply chains in key sectors, a task that Transport Secretary Louise Haigh will spearhead. Recent global events, such as the war in Ukraine and pandemic-induced disruptions, have underscored the necessity of this... Read more

Air Cargo Demand Grows Strongly in Q2 2024 – and will continue for the rest of the year

Robust growth in global air cargo markets for April 2024 marks a strong start to the second quarter, with airfreight rates on key trades out of Asia remaining “firm” in June, despite the market entering the traditional quieter summer period or ‘slack season’. Quite simply there isn’t on... Read more

European ports turned into EV car parks

European ports are overflowing with imported electric vehicles (EVs), especially from China, as manufacturers rush to ship cars before new tariffs take effect. This surge in imports has turned car terminals into vast car parks, with dealers hesitating to accept more vehicles due to slowing sales.... Read more

Market Stability Following Labour’s Victory

The UK financial markets have shown remarkable stability following Labour’s landslide victory in the snap election called by Rishi Sunak. Labour’s win has bolstered investor confidence, with UK stocks, bonds, and sterling all seeing gains. Since late May, the pound has been the only G10 cu... Read more

Europe may experience its own near-shoring boom

As planes descend into Monterrey airport, an expanse of warehouses and manufacturing complexes stretches out for miles, exemplifying the near-shoring boom that has swept through Mexico in recent years, as Asian companies and their supply chains move closer to the United States. Drivers of Mexi... Read more

Port congestion (amongst other things) continues to push rates up

With increasing amounts of ocean freight capacity soaked up by COGH (Cape of Good Hope) diversions and port congestion, spot rates are spiking, with indexes up significantly on 2023 and market led spot/FAK rates up by nearly 500%. Now, carriers desperate for ships and more capacity are setting n... Read more

Felixstowe train derailment

At 22:09 on Wednesday 19th June a GB railway locomotive and loaded wagons en-route to the Port of Felixstowe derailed on the branch line approaching the main Central and Northern railheads, causing significant damage to the track and closing both terminals to train movements. The Central and N... Read more

New US demurrage and detention regulations in force

The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) final rule on demurrage and detention billing requirements came into force on the 28th May, except for two provisions that are delayed. The rule applies to ocean common carriers trading to or from the US, including vessel-operating common carriers (VOCCs) ... Read more

3rd Metro Partner Golf day

Metro’s golf day planners once again selected a perfect day for the annual Metro customer golf tournament. Low winds, plenty of sunshine and highs of 20°C provided the ideal conditions for the day’s competitors to enjoy The Belfy, the world-famous golf resort, which has hosted the Ryder Cup ... Read more

India exporters face more challenges

Shipping lines are imposing surcharges and raising freight rates as capacity from India to Europe, North America and The Rest of The World tightens. Indicative of why this is, can be seen with exports to the US up 13% and significant ocean network changes expected on the India-North America trade... Read more

New Silk Road will link the Gulf to Europe

Turkey, Qatar, and the UAE are joining with Iraq to develop a new land corridor - Development Road Project - which will connect the Gulf to Europe. The Development Road Project is a multi-billion dollar land corridor that will stretch 750 miles from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea, e... Read more