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Asia market update; June

The Asia export trades are now as challenging as it was during the pandemic, with extremely tight vessel space, equipment shortages and port congestion colliding leading to a surge in spot rates, with analysts speculating it could reach USD 20,000/FEU on the Asia-Europe trade before too long. ... Read more

Port congestion cannot be ignored

Significant and sustained terminal congestion in major Mediterranean and Asian ports is soaking up available capacity, which directly impacts freight rates and results in substantial delays to vessel schedules, with reliability dropping and the likelihood that delays will persist through the summ... Read more

Taking track & trace to the highest level

Metro’s multi-award winning supply chain management platform, MVT, has been optimising supply chains for over two decades and the latest release of its AI-powered track & trace module is a Masterclass in shipment visibility. MVT is a global operations platform, which has been designed to... Read more

US Customs target non-compliant eCommerce and brokers

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is taking action to minimise the exploitation of the generous small package, or ‘de minimis' environment. Seizing goods and enhancing enforcement efforts to hold brokers accountable, the CBP’s actions are unsettling the eCommerce and freighter markets, a... Read more

Metro road freight division continues expansion

Metro’s mission to develop infrastructure, systems and services to drive the effectiveness and cost efficiency of our European transport solutions is gathering pace. Just three months ago, our European Road Director, Richard Gibbs, said, “Metro has expanded its European road freight platfo... Read more

If you’re helping, we can help

There are many reasons why businesses supporting charities is good (not least that most of us, as consumers, would rather be aligned with a philanthropic company), but above all that it’s just compassionate, positive, and the right thing to do. Which is why we like to help. While Metro - and... Read more

Sea freight rates from Asia continue to spike and remain on an upward trajectory

Between the start of April and last week, average spot rates from the Far East into North Europe increased by 31%, the US West Coast 30%, Mediterranean 25% and US East Coast 22%, with spot rates to Europe currently $6,000-$7,500 and analysts suggesting they may hit $10,000. Market demand reach... Read more

US tariff increases on China EV’s have wider ramifications

Only 2% of US electric vehicle (EV) imports come from China and while economists ponder how effective President Biden’s new 100% tariff will be in protecting US markets, it is likely that EV flows will be redirected to Europe by manufacturers eager to exploit profitable markets. On the 14th ... Read more

Global port congestion threat to capacity

The Red Sea crisis and the much longer sailing distances triggered by the diversion around Africa’s Cape of Good Hope (COGH) soaked up existing market overcapacity, which was just enough to cope with the extended COGH transit times, provided there were no additional disruptions to maritime supp... Read more

Summer 2024; France supply chain alert

This summer, a number of large-scale sporting events are likely to create some supply chain disruption, with the Olympic and Paralympic Games taking place in Paris between the 26th of July to the 11th of August, and the 28th of August to the 8th of September. The Paris 2024 Olympic Games, whic... Read more

UK is world’s 4th largest exporter – we look behind the headline

The UK, which ranked 7th in 2021, leapt up to become the world’s 4th largest exporter in 2022, according to new data published by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). But it may not be all good news and there’s plenty to consider within the data. The UK’s rise to become t... Read more

Sharing our customer survey results: May 2024

Gathering regular feedback from our customers provides us with the essential insights we need to improve our services to better meet your needs and direct the continued development of our customer focused business. These customer surveys provide an invaluable channel in understanding customer ... Read more