Retail and Consumer

Multi-modal transport with purchase order visibility. Customs, warehouse and distribution solutions that synchronise inventory flow through your global supply chain.
Years Experience


Years Experience

Purchase Orders


Purchase Orders

Vendors Managed


Vendors Managed


  • Technologically driven visibility
  • Tailored supply chain management
  • Value added end-to-end solutions

Fashion and Garments

  • GoH & specialist handling
  • Global inventory visibility
  • SKU level control


  • Shipping & customs compliance
  • Warehouse & order fulfilment
  • Courier & returns management

Case Study

Accelerating air freight

When one of the UK’s leading garment retailers wanted to streamline its supply chain and avoid delays at London Heathrow, we implemented changes that made it faster and slashed costs, while increasing access to capacity and choice of carrier.

GoH are now converted into specifically designed cartons, shipping as flat pack cargo, which eliminates excess (chargeable) volume, significantly reducing freight costs and increases choice of carriers to all cargo carrying airlines and particularly those serving regional airports, including Birmingham, providing immediate access to the retailer’s distribution network.

Garments are processed on arrival in a dedicated, secure area and delivered directly to RDC or store.

The use of a regional airport is not only inexpensive and convenient; it is more effective, particularly in the peak season when backlogs and congestion persist at Heathrow.