Date: 12.06.2024

Taking track & trace to the highest level

Metro’s multi-award winning supply chain management platform, MVT, has been optimising supply chains for over two decades and the latest release of its AI-powered track & trace module is a Masterclass in shipment visibility.

MVT is a global operations platform, which has been designed to simplify supply chains, with a wide range of modules including customs automation, DC delivery management, PO management, CO2 reporting/offsetting and track & trace.

Conceived, developed and supported by Metro’s technical solutions team, MVT embraces leading-edge technology, including Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and automation technology to power its wide range of modules.

Metro customers have been automatically transitioned to the latest version of the track & trace module, which was released on the 20th May 2024, making it even more intuitive and easier to navigate, while improving the overall user experience.

There are over a dozen enhancements and new features, including a new landing page, which provides a visual dashboard for high level reporting, with easy drill down access to live shipments and a zoomable global map view, with AI tracking for the most accurate location fix.

Because Metro customers are busy, there are notification tools, which alert them to recent changes and critical shipments can be pinned to their dashboard for live updates, while document pop-ups gives them immediate access to anything important.

With a whole bunch of filters, download and data interrogation tools, Metro’s track and trace is much more than T&T, and it’s a free ‘added-value’ benefit to customers.

Click HERE to download the full list of the new MVT Track &Trace features, or EMAIL Ian Powell to arrange a demo.