Date: 24.10.2023

Unleashing creativity and collaboration

In an ever-evolving business landscape, staying ahead of the curve requires constant innovation and foresight, and a crucial step in achieving this is through internal workshops that challenge the status quo and stimulate new ideas.

Metro’s Technical Solutions leadership team recently hosted colleagues in a cross-functional workshop, to enhance internal cooperation and cultivate initiatives for our 2024 roadmap. 

The workshop was followed by team building activities and a post-event dinner, to foster camaraderie and collaboration among colleagues, that will prove invaluable for Metro’s future success.

Representatives from the Metro board kicked off the session by presenting an overview of the organisation’s strategy and goals for 2024 and beyond, providing a solid foundation for the workshop. 

Technical Solutions is focused on four key areas and delegates were reminded that their output had to incorporate at least one of the following characteristics.

Digitalisation: The continued adoption of digital technologies that improves processes and creates new opportunities

Digital twin: Creating indistinguishable digital counterparts to the physical supply chain.

Platform Engineering: Accelerated development in customer facing applications.

Big data: Integrate, manage, and analyse to uncover and deliver business value.

The workshop provided the ideal platform for participants to unleash their collective creativity and explore initiatives and ideas that aligned with Metro’s long-term goals. 

The output was really thoughtful and impressive, with a wide range of creative ideas and improvement considered. The most worthy now forming apart of our development roadmap for the next 12 to 18 months including the following.

1. The automation and semi-automation of multiple manual processes, including further innovation of existing ML and AI technology deployed in our customs application, CuDoS.

2. Further development to our ocean freight visibility and enhanced visibility on air and road freight shipments.

3. The migration of additional existing applications to our new technology stack, delivering a curated set of applications that will increase end users’ productivity.

4. Advanced business intelligence – leveraging our extensive data to provide customers with on demand reporting and analytics, that deliver actionable insight to drive supply chain performance.

Metro is leading the industry in developing the technologies and platforms that simplify supply chain management, with visibility, environment and customs modules, together with integrations of critical digital trade documents, including electronic bills of lading (eBL).

By investing in days like this, Metro is positioning itself for a positive future, driven by innovation, collaboration, and a shared vision for future success.

EMAIL Ian Powell for further Information on our digital capability and how this can benefit your global trade and business growth ambitions.