Date: 07.02.2024

Freight industry award finalists

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) is the trade association for the freight, logistics and supply chain management sector. Their annual Freight Service Awards are the industry’s most contested and highly sought trade awards, because peer recognition is the ultimate accolade.

BIFA’s 35th and biggest Freight Service Awards – with over 500 attendees and a 30% increase in award entries – took place three weeks ago in the City of London, with Metro overcoming the increased competition, to be selected as finalists in the Sustainable Logistics and Specialist Services categories.

Grant Liddell, Metro’s Managing Director. “Our solutions, technology and customer focus are truly leading-edge and being selected as finalists in BIFA’s Freight Service awards yet again is recognition of that capability and is an independent endorsement of the value that we deliver consistently.”

Metro’s submission for the Sustainable Logistics Award described how a client’s commitment to create more sustainable supply chains was supported by three Metro initiatives, that focused on their critical air freight channel.

Over a two-year span Metro created:
1. A cloud-based tool to measure and monitor the CO2 emissions of every shipment
2. Became the first UK forwarder to invest in the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) programme
3. Participated in Sustainable Flight Challenges to generate CO2 savings exceeding 37%

The critical insights gained from the Sustainable Flight Challenges were invaluable in developing the operational templates that are now paving the way for a more sustainable air freight channel for the featured client.

Metro’s focus in the Specialist Services Award category was to highlight the value that we add, to enhance the freight element, and the difference that makes to our customers.

The Metro entry, chosen by the judges as a finalist, outlined how, at a time of limited transport capacity, a car manufacturing client’s finished vehicles were safely shipped to international markets, using a solution that reduced transit times, cut costs, lowered emissions and avoided disruption at destination.

By building connectivity between Metro’s supply chain management platform and the client’s ERP system, together with visibility of critical supply chain milestones, the client could grant their dealers direct access to Metro’s visibility tools, providing reassurance on vehicle orders in transit.

With Metro’s solutions the client could continue delivering customer orders in a challenging environment, with the solution running for over 12 months, to protect tens of millions in sales.

If you would like to learn more about the solutions highlighted here, please EMAIL Andrew Smith, Metro’s Chief Commercial Officer.