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Sea freight ECO initiatives and their impact on shippers

Just months after IMO 2023 launched, the International Maritime Organisation raised its carbon emissions targets, which will require more carrier investment and with the EU rolling out its emissions trading scheme from next year, shipping lines will be looking to recover a lot of costs from shipp... Read more

EU’s carbon border initiative threatens 40% tariffs

The introduction of the EU carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) places reporting responsibilities on companies trading with the bloc in carbon-intensive products from the 1st October 2023 and businesses will have to buy certificates to cover emissions embedded in products from 2026. With ... Read more

Sustainability in the supply chain

Sustainability is good for business, because it builds brand value, meets consumer expectations, attracts talent and creates new opportunities, which is why Metro has been certified Carbon Neutral for two years and why we share the most important developments in sustainability. Despite today... Read more

EU Emission target will cost shipping $Billions

With a goal of net zero emissions by the year 2050, the European Union is expanding its Emissions Trading System (ETS) to the shipping sector in 2024, which means container shipping lines will need to purchase emission allowances while investing in alternative fuels, with the increased costs like... Read more

Survey confirms Metro’s strategy on environment

A survey by the British International Freight Association (BIFA) confirms that freight forwarders are coming under increasing pressure from customers to show evidence of decarbonisation, while those same customers need to get ready for carbon emission audits now. The BIFA survey found that leg... Read more

Sustainability is good business

As the effects of climate change intensify, the pressure on the food sector will increase over the coming decades, which is encapsulated by the FDF’s environmental ambition in creating a more sustainable food system.  Supply chain issues, labour shortages, threats to energy security and... Read more

Delivering the sustainable future, today

Alongside customers in key verticals, including food, drink, cars and commercial vehicles, Metro is committed to the highest environmental standards, by maintaining carbon neutrality, investing in alternative fuels and supporting our customers with technology-enabled sustainable supply chains. ... Read more

Low speed containerships are propping up rates

Last year the shipping analyst Drewry’s forecast that the container shipping lines earnings would be down 64% for 2023, but added that there were strategic choices available to the carriers, to protect their revenues, with slow steaming a proven method of removing capacity, to protect rates and... Read more

Metro support successful sustainable flight challenge

Having joined the Air France KLM Martinair Cargo Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) programme in December, we are extremely pleased to support their second sustainable flight challenge, which will generate new insights in accelerating the transition to a more sustainable airline industry. On the ... Read more

Setting the environmental auto supply chain benchmark

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) represents more than 800 automotive companies, manufacturers and brands, and is one of the most influential trade associations in the UK, shaping policy and legislation across the UK and Europe. Metro is a member of key vertical trade assoc... Read more

New EU emissions trading system for road transport

EU Member States formally adopted the new emissions trading system in road transport (ETS II) last month, but the road freight industry insist 2027 is “too soon to launch”, given the absence of refueling and EV charging infrastructure. The Council of the EU in April, adopted a new emission... Read more

CMA CGM join Metro’s drive for sustainable aviation fuel

Metro was the first Air France/KLM customer to invest in their Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) programme and we are delighted to see that CMA CGM Air Cargo, though their capacity partnership announced last year, have also committed to reducing their emissions through the use of sustainable aviati... Read more