Date: 17.09.2020

The Brexit Politics Round-up

The UK Internal Market Bill is a very provocative piece of legislation, proposed by the UK Government that, on paper at least, signifies the UK’s intent to leave the EU with no deal. The bill cleared its first hurdle in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

Here are the reasons why the UK Internal Market Bill is causing such a stir:

  • It tears up the Northern Ireland protocol as agreed under the WA (Withdrawal Agreement)
  • Under the terms of the WA there would be a requirement to complete customs declarations for goods moving between Northern Ireland and the mainland UK. This bill gives UK ministers the right to overrule or ignore this part of EU customs law
  • It also refers to state aid (eg the financial support governments give to businesses – for goods related to Northern Ireland. This bill gives UK ministers power to interpret what that means, and not be governed by the case law of the European Court of Justice)
  • On paper the UK is overriding EU law (The EU are stating that the UK are ‘breaking’ International law)

Short term effects:

  • Boris Johnson has stated that,’ if there is no deal on the table by October 15th, then the UK walk away’ – outcome no deal. This posturing from the PM places a heavy emphasis on the above date.
  • The EU have demanded talks with the UK to explain their intentions in regards to this legislation. Further, they are insistent that the UK withdraws these measures as they constitute a violation of International law.

Has the Prime Minister caused damage to the UK’s reputation on the world stage? Will the EU play hard-ball with the UK post-Brexit by imposing sanctions as a result? 

Only time will tell. This situation is worth a follow!

Elsewhere, Dominic Raab has found himself in the US, having to explain the UK’s latest position on Brexit, as senior US politicians are stating that there will be no US-UK Trade deal if the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland was undermined.

Nancy Pelosi, the US Speaker of the House has said in no uncertain terms that, if the UK has violated International law, as claimed by the EU, then a Trade deal would not pass through the US congress.

I’m sure Mr. Raab will be at his most charming best! 

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