Date: 10.09.2020

Get ready for Brexit

The border processes and way the UK trades with Europe is going to change significantly as we exit the EU transition period on the 31st December 2020, which is why we have developed an unprecedented web resource to get you ready for Brexit.

Understanding how your business will be impacted and the level of associated risk and opportunity will be critical in preparing for and managing those changes, to ensure the best possible outcome for your business in the new trading environment.  

Brexit will impact all businesses and those most profoundly impacted will include those that: 

  • Buy and/or sell large volumes of goods to/from the EU
  • Have highly integrated UK/EU supply chains
  • Manage complex European and cross-trade supply chains
  • Operate ‘just in time’ UK/EU supply chains
  • Trade in regulated goods  such as chemicals, drugs and foodstuffs
  • Trade with any of the 50+ countries with which the EU has a Free Trade Agreement (FTAs)

Metro’s ‘Brexit Ready’ web portal has been designed to give you all the information, insights, support and solutions you need to prepare your business and supply chain for the 1st January 2021.


Our unique Brexit ‘Healthcheck’ process considers your goods, trading partners and terms of trade, in identifying the documentation and new customs processes that will apply to export and/or import flows.

Any special requirements will be mapped and the financial/cashflow implications of VAT/tariffs illustrated.

Solutions for managing your transition to the new EU trading regime will be matched to your specific needs, from comprehensive custom broker support to the fully digitised service that is perfection for the largest volume traders.