Date: 21.06.2023

Supercharging supply chains for growth

The pandemic laid bare the critical importance of supply chains and executives tasked with managing them are much more significant figures in their businesses, as continuing success is highly dependent on improving supply chains.

For too many businesses the gap between supply chain planning, and the execution of that plan continues to grow, because the environment has already changed.

The pandemic, Brexit and Ukraine are the most recent examples of external factors having profound impacts on supply chains without warning.

At the same time, customer expectations are evolving, with increasing demands, including rapid delivery times and a growing number that want more focus on sustainability, so they can reduce the environmental impact of their supply chain. 

Supply chain resilience is essential for organisations to overcome the black swan events which are becoming more frequent and severe, and while over 54% of respondents to a CapGemini survey acknowledged that their supply chains have altered significantly in the past two years, only 27% are implementing end- to-end supply-chain transformation.

Businesses that want to thrive against the backdrop of a complex supply chain environment must pivot towards technology that provides end-to-end visibility, with purchase order management and transparency of inventory throughout the supply chain.

Synchronising inventory across all transport modes and locations, with accurate real-time dashboards and reports, provides executives with the data they need to assess and react to supply chain challenges.

Many supply chains have become too long and difficult to manage in an increasingly disrupted world and where once concentration was on scale and lowest transport cost, this generation of supply chains is characterised by resilience, sustainability and a broader definition of value.

To improve the quality and speed of decision making Metro’s MVT platform provides supply chain visibility and control, with the additional benefit of providing transparency to consumers, that products are on schedule and sourced with sustainably assured.

Metro’s supply chain audit embraces every event, process and participant, to uncover opportunities in five specific areas: Efficiency | Existing/new markets | Cost savings | Enhancing quality | Agility.

The audit is designed to add efficiencies, cut costs, increase profit and free up cashflow, by simplifying the end-to-end process. From raising the initial PO, through production, shipment, delivery and receipt to stock, we map the product flows, events and milestones, so that the customer can intercede on an order, at any time through the supply chain process, to SKU level.

Metro’s cloud-based supply chain management platform, MVT, helps our customers remove supply chain risk in challenging economic conditions, by managing their supply chain effectively, while tightening their control over inventory and suppliers. 

MVT helps companies adapt vendor and production strategy, by expanding procurement control and evolving their supply chain to match the future, with PO management, visibility and communication tools that manage and integrate new suppliers into the supply chain.

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