Date: 07.06.2023

New LHR Constant Climate Quality Centre

IAG Cargo has opened its new cargo handling facility, ‘New Premia’ at London Heathrow, which will double its capacity for time and temperature-sensitive consignments, with new IT systems and systems integration to regulate freight movements and a temperature-controlled Constant Climate Quality Centre.

The semi-automated facility of over 10,000m2 will handle more than double the amount of premium shipments, with 29 dedicated temperature-controlled chambers, in a Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certified facility, with a WDA licence issued by the UK Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency. 

Metro’s airfreight teams in Birmingham and Heathrow work closely with the centre’s experts, with shipments loaded onto dedicated airside docks and served by a specialist fleet of refrigerated trucks in order to protect foodstuff, pharmaceutical and life-science products, from the cargo terminal to loading onto aircraft.

Constant Climate is IAG Cargo’s state-of-the-art cold chain product, specially designed for precision management of time and temperature sensitive products, with a dedicated team who handle bookings, advise on packaging solutions and ensure shipments meet the strictest of regulatory standards.

The ‘New Premia’ facility has been designed to handle more cargo as efficiently as possible, with 11 new land-side doors to speed up cargo collection and drop off. 

The temperature-controlled building includes a state-of-the-art Constant Climate Quality Centre (CCQC), with 29 dedicated cool cells and temperature facilities available from +2°C to +8°C (COL), +15°C to +25°C (CRT) and -20°C (FRO) ensuring sensitive shipments are held in a temperature-controlled environment at all times.

Operationally, four large ‘transfer vehicles’ pass through rapid-rise doors allowing cargo to be moved autonomously through the facility and into storage in advance of collection and delivery to the aircraft for exports and similarly the process works in reverse for imports.

Grand Liddell, Metro Managing Director, said. “We welcome the opening of IAG Cargo’s ‘New Premia’ and the addition of critical cargo handling capability at London Heathrow. The efficiencies it offers our time and temperature-sensitive shipments are significant and the benefits for our customers and operational teams in optimising the safe handling and movement of cargo could be huge.”

While our Heathrow team continue to handle increasing temperature-sensitive volumes, we use regional airports – and particularly our Birmingham hub – when it will benefit our customers, ensuring that strict handing requirements and timelines are met.

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