Date: 24.05.2023

Regional airports offer cargo emissions and cost savings

The improved landing and takeoff cycle times (LTO) offered by regional airports can save time and money for air cargo operators, while helping them significantly reduce their Carbon dioxide (Co2) and Nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions.

Independent studies in the US, which can be extrapolated to the UK, suggest that aircraft operating into and out of large passenger hubs take an average of one hour, 46 minutes of time during the landing and take-off cycle. In contrast, regional airports, with their un-congested airspace and highly efficient approaches can allow airlines to be wheels down and engines off in as little as five minutes, with an LTO cycle completed in just over 16 minutes.   

The vision, planning, and execution of cargo and freighter friendly regional airports can translate not only to a positive operational impact for the supply chain, but can reduce carbon emissions, create a positive financial impact and provide significant time savings.   

The study revealed that a typical Boeing 747 freighter operator running four times per week into a regional airport throughout the year would save a staggering £6.4 million in annual costs. It would also emit 6,000 fewer metric tons in Co2, 15,000 fewer metric tons of NOx and burn 1,800 metric tons less Jet A-1 as a result of the reduction in flight cycle time.   

When available and appropriate, the use of regional airports is an immediate step, with immediate cost and emission savings.

The UK Department of Transport identified the value that regional airports bring for freight movements in last year’s Future Freight Plan, which highlighted the role of Birmingham Airport in hosting critical nightly Royal Mail operations and how the airport is diversifying their operations to facilitate more trade by expanding their cargo operation.

Demand for eCommerce continues to grow, and with more than 80% of UK air freight moving through just three airports, regional airports are critical in providing operational flexibility, especially when it comes to express delivery of high value and time critical items.

We monitor market capacity and route developments to identify opportunities to use regional airports – and particularly our Birmingham hub – when it will benefit our customers, ensuring that expectations and timelines are met.

We find solutions for every critical shipment, regardless of situation, geography and deadline. 

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