Date: 07.06.2023

Engaged Metro team drive customer focus

Quarterly staff engagement surveys, together with international exchanges are helping us to create a better work place, with the most positive culture, while reducing staff turnover and increasing productivity. In building a better work environment, we are enhancing customer relationships, with fulfilled employees that are our best advocates.

When we are truly engaged at work we become more energised and effective, often going beyond what’s expected of us and positively influencing those around us, which includes both colleagues and customers.

Employee engagement directly impacts business operations and performance, but it also helps leaders understand their employees’ needs, as well as identifying ways to improve morale and create better work environments, to better serve their customers.

Good employee survey response rates are between 70-80%, while anything above 90% is considered exceptional (source; PeopleInsight). Metro’s latest staff engagement survey achieved a 95% response rate.

Aggregated across eight work-related areas and 19 topics, Metro feedback ranked above industry benchmarks in every recorded area, with overall engagement scores 16% above benchmark and teamwork scores that are almost 50% above benchmark.

Site visits – and particularly international trips – provide insight, context, and understanding that cannot be achieved at the desk, and employees who know that management is concerned about them as a whole person are more productive, satisfied, and fulfilled, and satisfied employees mean satisfied customers.

Management, team leaders and operational staff from our new Chennai office have spent time at our Birmingham Global HQ, with three groups joining their UK colleagues for training and collaboration.

At the same time UK personnel have been embedded in India, to provide systems training, with further tranches following in the summer, to share best practice, insight and understanding. 

Paul Moss, Metro’s Head of HR, “Regular anonymous staff surveys help us to track and understand what our employees need, as well as identifying ways to improve morale and create a better work environment. Our engaged team work harder because they like what they do and really do care about customers, consistently going ‘above and beyond’ to ensure our clients have a great experience.”

“With 61 dedicated professionals now stationed in our Chennai office, our overseas colleagues have become an integral part of our service provision across various areas. Their presence allows us to provide round-the-clock coverage and assistance, ensuring uninterrupted support to our valued clients.”

“By nurturing a global network of talented individuals, we are proud to expand our reach and deliver exceptional service worldwide. This collaborative approach exemplifies our commitment to delivering unparalleled value and support to our customers, now and in the future.”