Date: 16.02.2023

EU launch customs pre-advice regime for air cargo

On the 1st March 2023, the European Union is launching a customs pre-loading and pre-arrival safety and security programme, which will require the pre-advice of mandatory information and failure to provide the correct data in good time may lead to goods being rejected by the airline.

The EU’s Import Control System (ICS) processes large-scale advance cargo information to  monitor the security of the EU´s external border and automation of the process means that data can be exchanged more efficiently between carriers and EU member states. 

ICS2 is an automated entry process that will apply to all air cargo moving to and via the EU from the 1st March 2023 and requires customs pre-acceptance and pre-arrival security and safety clearance.

We are preparing for the new requirements by adapting our processes and systems to meet the new EU requirements, but compliance with ICS2 changes will depend on the active participation of shippers. 

Carriers will require full airway bill data, which we will provide them with, before acceptance to fulfil their responsibility for the pre-loading filing (PLACI). 

The carrier’s pre-loading and pre-arrival information data set, including the journey details, is sent to ICS2, where it is automatically reviewed for possible security threats. The pre-loading and pre-arrival messages are collectively referred to as the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS).

We will require the following information, so that we can ensure the pre-loading data is made available to the carrier in good time:

  • Shipper Name
  • Shipper Address
  • Consignee Name (including EORI number for cargo staying in Europe)
  • Consignee Address
  • Cargo Description (including 6-digit HS codes)
  • Total Quantity
  • Total Weight
  • EU Customs analyse the data and return approval to load, request for information or Screening, or direct not to load.

    When the ENS information is not provided to EU customs, shipments will be stopped and will not be processed for customs clearance, which will lead to delays and potential fines.

    We are working closely with our airline partners, test-submitting these new data elements in our airway bill and consolidation lists, to ensure the smooth implementation of this new EU customs process. 

     If you have any concerns or questions, regarding the ICS2 roll-out please EMAIL Elliot Carlile.