Date: 02.02.2023

Metro customer survey – We asked; you answered

Our focus has always been on building long-term, mutually-rewarding relationships, built on understanding. Gathering regular feedback from you provides us with the insights we need to drive the future decisions that will help us maintain a truly customer orientated business.

Satisfied and happy customers are our complete focus, because that is the glue that keeps our relationship strong and regular customer surveys are not only an excellent tool to understand customer needs, they highlight issues that should be addressed. They help us differentiate the Metro brand and create and introduce new bespoke services and platforms, designed around our clients’ needs and requirements in an ever changing logistics market and global environment.

We understand how busy our customers are, which is why we make our customer surveys so quick and easy to complete, with the latest version comprising just ten questions, which could be completed in a couple of minutes.

Thank you for your time and considerations in answering ten questions that explore expectations for 2023, Metro’s performance and the relevance of these eNewsletters.

Your feedback will help us:

  • Manage our carrier relationships
  • Plan manning levels
  • Launch new services
  • Communicate effectively with customers
  • Prioritise technical development 

1. Half of responding customers expect freight volumes to increase in 2023, compared to 2022, with a third expecting values to stay the same  and just 16% anticipating a reduction.

2. While it is gratifying that more than 83% of survey responders rate Metro’s service above competitors, we are not complacent, because we know that keeping our customers’ support is the most important factor for continued success. Our aim is always 100%, which we will endeavour to achieve. The balance of 17% of the responses to this question advised that we were equal to other providers.

3. Almost one in five customers scored Metro as the market Leader in technology, customer service and innovation, with 80% affirming that we are agile, professional and enjoyable to work with.

4. We are so pleased that no one is anticipating a big drop in demand, with a third of Metro customers anticipating stable business performance in 2023 and the remainder expecting increases in demand, market growth and new market expansion.

5. Our question on traffic flows for 2023 did draw a mixed response, with two thirds predicting a stable year, or demand spikes. A quarter expect a slow start to the year with a busy second half, or final quarter. Just over 8% expect a strong start falling away through the summer with a peak in the final quarter, and 4% think traffic flows will deteriorate if we head into recession. 

6. The Metro eNewsletter is read avidly by a quarter, while well over a half read stories of interest and 16% read the occasional article.

7. While two thirds of respondents said that eNewsletter content quality and relevance was about right, and just over 20% find some relevance and interest in all content, we are not complacent because 4% only find a story of interest and relevance very rarely.

8. We asked you where freight forwarding should be innovating and your responses provide valuable insights for our technical development plannings. Exactly half want to see enhancements in track and trace and predictive ETA’s, 20% see value in on-line pricing and document portals, 16% in on-line spot quote tools and booking confirmations and 12% would like to digitise and automate trade documentation 

9. Only 4% of respondents are not currently considering the environmental impact of their supply chain, with 80% considering the issue important and very important and the remaining 16% seeing it as a definite future consideration.

10. Our final question, which asked for feedback on our logistics platforms, knowledge distribution, client management, or overall performance, gathered 100% positive responses.

Haven’t responded? You can still have your say and participate in our latest customers survey, buy clicking HERE  

We would like to thank you for your participation in this survey and hope that you find the analysis as interesting and informative as we have. We value all feedback and comments and will use them to make necessary adjustments, so that that we continue to meet, and ideally exceed, expectations and requirements within your supply chain and logistics platforms. Through innovation, passion and our pride in what we do for you, we will ensure that your business continues to flourish.