Date: 28.07.2021

Your satisfaction is everything

As a service business, exceeding customer expectations is a critical success factor for us and gathering regular feedback from you provides the insights we need to drive future decisions and maintain a truly customer orientated business.

Quality, efficiency, service, creative solutions and reliability are the issues that we want to measure, when we consider customer satisfaction, which is why an overall score of 92.6% in our latest survey is a satisfying basis to continue building on.

Finding and converting new customers takes time and resource, and even more of the same to develop the type of relationship that delivers real and consistent value. A true partnership and collaboration is our ambition and goal.

Our focus has always been to build long-term, mutually-rewarding relationships, built on understanding and trust. Delivering value and allowing you to focus on growing your business whilst Metro manage your supply chain and logistics.

Customer retention starts with satisfaction, to create the conditions for loyalty and a simple way of measuring this is deploying a customer satisfaction survey.

We understand that, despite our best efforts, a few customers may be tempted to slip away, but it is critical that we understand where exactly we may be going wrong, so we can address it promptly to recover customer happiness and loyalty.

Ultimately, it is not rocket science. Customers have too many choices and our loss is a competitor’s gain, and the customer satisfaction survey is not only an excellent tool to retain customers, it can highlight issues that should be immediately addressed and help us differentiate the Metro brand.

Consistently creating customer satisfaction helps us stand out from the competition and encourages recommendation, rather than negative feedback, which can be so damaging in the digital age.

Satisfied and loyal customers are our complete focus because that is the glue that keeps our relationship strong. Despite the alternatives available, our customers’ continued support and advocacy has been the most important factor in our continued growth over the last four decades.

We understand how busy our customers are, which is why we make our customer satisfaction surveys so quick and easy to complete. Our latest version comprises just six questions and can be completed in less than 15 seconds.

Got 15 seconds to spare? Simply click this link to have your say.

“It is easy to find the right contact at Metro”
92% positive rating
“I understand all the ways Metro can help me”
91% positive rating
“Metro are proactive in solving my problems”
93% positive rating

  “Metro always keep me informed”
92% positive rating

  “I would recommend Metro to a friend or colleague”
95% positive rating
What is your preferred method of communication”
Email 90.0%
Phone 30.0%
Zoom 20.0%
Visit 20.0%
“Continue to work as a great partner.”

  “Just continue to provide excellent support, as you have done over the past 12 to 18 months.”
Thank you to everyone but especially to Emma Hulbert and her team which provide a service up and beyond anyone could expect.”
“Very good service provided 100% happy.

Please do assist us in improving our service delivery by participating in the survey. 

It is essential we have your feedback, which we encourage and  receive through engagement, with our valued customers and partners. It will be recognised and we will enhance the delivery of bespoke and tailored services during these traumatic and challenging times. 

Your time and support is appreciated we will be delighted to arrange a follow up call/meeting to discuss the detail further to ensure we continue to lead the industry with our global platforms.

For further information please contact Grant Liddell, Elliot Carlile or your day to day account manager who will speak to you immediately.