Date: 20.03.2024

TPM and US review

Organised by the Journal of Commerce, TPM (Transpacific Maritime Conference) is the premier global shipping and supply chain conference, attracting senior executives from all areas of the industry.

Held annually in the port city of Long Beach, California, TPM brings together shippers, carriers, freight forwarders, intermodal operators and technology providers to discuss the most pressing global challenges and developments, for a week of essential networking, seminars, and relationship building.

With over one hundred presentations, interactive speaker sessions and networking events, and almost two hundred speakers, including leaders from the largest brands and carriers on the planet, TPM really is in a league of its own.

Metro’s Chief Commercial Officer, Andrew Smith, joined this year’s conference, to participate in TPM’s insightful panels and forward-thinking discussions to explore the global dynamics and challenges impacting ocean supply chains.

Andrew said “It was important to take the opportunity to travel out to Long Beach for TPM as part of my recent visit to the United States, to meet key customers, partners and carriers. It was a full on trip, encompassing seven cities across the country in just over a week, and the time spent talking to customers in particular was invaluable”.

“The Red Sea crisis was obviously a major talking point among delegates and in particular how to manage a situation which appears to have no immediate solution and is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.”

“TPM was as interesting and insightful as always and I think the key takeaways are well-worth sharing.”

“Keynote speaker Robert Gates, the former CIA director, painted a picture of a world where increasing local conflicts should be anticipated and with the global geopolitical landscape the most challenging it has been for decades, preparedness for future supply chain disruption is essential.”

“In this environment it is perhaps natural that so many shippers are looking at de-risking their supply chains. Resilience and flexibility are at the core of de-risking, with initiatives such as multi-carrier programmes, sourcing diversification, re-shoring and near-shoring.”

“Another takeaway worth highlighting is that despite all the current operational challenges, sustainability still remains top of the agenda for carriers and major shippers, and the TPM programmes reflected this, with nearly a third of the scheduled events featuring environmental, transformation and sustainability issues.”

“My visit to the United States, alongside Metro colleagues regular trips, reiterate our focus and commitment to this important market. This focus will continue and ramp-up further with a new route development role created to expand both customer and partner engagement.”

“To discover how we can support your Transpacific or Transatlantic trade needs, or to discuss any of the issues highlighted here, please reach out to me directly via EMAIL.”