Date: 16.08.2023

The new Metro

Competition in the forwarding, supply chain and logistics space is always fierce and while the largest multinationals are easily identifiable, many medium and even large freight forwarders fail to develop and articulate their branding, which means they have nothing of substance to attract customers.

The new Metro branding is currently being rolled out in a soft launch. 

Stationery and signage already carry the new identity, with additional uses and in particular the new web site to follow shortly.

Reflecting the multi-modal strengths of the business, ‘shipping’ has been dropped from the new identity, and a special font selected for the higher levels of strength and authority perception that uppercase branding conveys, with the E of Metro adapted and coloured to represent sea, earth and sky.

At an emotional level our branding is about psychology and perception. It says “who we are”, “what we do” and “what we want to achieve”.

Having consistent messaging, personality and look and feel makes us more memorable for our existing and prospective customers, while consistent, well-executed branding makes us look better, larger and more successful. 

Positive attributes like these enhance trust, and trust is what often triggers the decision to partner with us, which is why our branding unites us in our purpose to make the business stronger and more effective. It underlines why the work we do matters and how it is part of something bigger.

In developing our branding we want to promote our strengths and value propositions, while highlighting our tech capability and acknowledging our history.

Many of the best companies in the world have succeeded as a direct result of high employee engagement, which is based on purpose and shared values.

Metro is committed to our purpose and values, in being the supply chain partner of choice for ambitious importers and exporters, by continuously developing our people and innovating technology that unlocks value in our customers’ supply chains. 

By being brave, honest, innovative and committed we will support our customers’ growth and drive success.

We conceive, build and manage the smart, simple and efficient supply chain solutions that give businesses of every size, the power to trade internationally; securely, simply and efficiently. To support their growth and success.