Date: 18.08.2020

The Metro team talk: Mark Dainter

Graduating university with a degree in chemistry, Mark quickly realised that a career in “blowing things up” was not for him.

 Joining Metro in 1996, almost two and a half decades ago, Mark elicits his versatility through working across a wide variety of departments in the business, ranging from import and export operations, to documentation.

Over the last 15 years, Mark’s involvement with the pricing aspects of the business have been indispensable, performing them within Metro’s procurement team, whilst undertaking a principle role in our digital Tariff System.

Mark’s current responsibilities encompass pricing and administration, in which he is instrumental in publishing rates and contracts and the administration of carrier charges and customer tariffs.

As a self-proclaimed ‘Jack of all trades’, Mark’s ancillary responsibilities include reporting statistics and auditing; whilst his expertise allows him to “put his hand” to a wealth of other tasks in the business.

Right now, Mark’s primary focus is looking at ways to increasing efficiency within the business by further digitalising and automating processes.