Date: 04.05.2020

The Metro team talk: Julie Dale

Metro’s Outsourcing solutions include a total documentation service that embraces commercial, compliance and financial requirements. Managing the Business Process & Outsource (BPO) functions, Julie Dale works with teams in the UK, India and Malaysia, to meet the evolving needs of internal and external customers.

Julie began her Metro career 17 years ago, after a stint in container shipping, managing the physical and documentary export functions, by sea and road, for a leading multi-national exporter.

Working directly in the clients SAP system, to schedule shipments and produce documents, Julie was responsible for hundreds of supply chain and customer deliveries across Europe and internationally every week.

Representing Metro at periodic client review meetings in the UK, Switzerland and Italy, was a critical part of Julie’s role.

Now Manager of Metro’s Business Process and Outsource function, Julie works behind the scenes, overseeing the production of thousands of critical documents for Metro and customers every day, with teams working two shifts in India and Malaysia to meet demand.

The correct paperwork is vital for every shipment and differs by country, so it is critical that the BPO team get it right every time, or risk having shipments delayed, or stuck at a border because they are incomplete.

Preparing Customs entries, arranging Bills of Lading, cutting invoices or producing declarations is entirely bespoke for each client and situation.

Julie and her team start by analysing the requirements, working closely with their technical solutions colleagues to find a technology-led resolution. Then it’s all about standardising and streamlining the process and, because each BPO site has differing skillsets and experience, selecting the best location for the work. 

Formal procedures, communication and training, including travel to India and Malaysia, are essential to keep the three teams aligned with Julie’s expectations and internal/external clients’ needs.

Currently the entire BPO team – Malaysia, India and UK – are all working from home, with regular conference calls to stay on top of volumes /issues /NCR’s and changes or amendments to procedures.