Date: 26.05.2020

The Metro team talk: Chris Carlile

The coronavirus is having a hugely disruptive impact globally, affecting businesses and their supply chains. Key to supporting Metro customers during this uncertain period is the communication and information delivered by our Customer Relationship Manager, Chris Carlile.

Chris recently celebrated his 10th Anniversary with Metro, joining the team after graduating in Business Management from the University of Nottingham, which has provided a solid foundation for his career in the freight and logistics industry.

Starting in operations gave Chris the opportunity to gain experience in the regulations, legislation, function and mechanics of domestic and international transport by every mode.

Understanding the relative strengths, limitations and costs of global transport modes, routes and transits is critical in identifying the most appropriate solutions for different supply chain demands and problem solving.

Chris’ desire to support customers directly led him to be promoted to a key role in the CRM team in 2013, looking after business partners and customers.

Managing relationships, Chris is identifying areas of improvement in service and delivering the tailored solutions, that will establish and support the long-term mutually valuable relationships, which are critical, particularly during these unprecedented times.

Since the Government ordered the nationwide lockdown to battle Covid-19, Chris has been working non-stop to keep clients reassured, informed and supported.

Chris and the senior stakeholder team keep clients informed of the latest market initiatives and developments and ensure that the right programme and technical platforms are adopted in a dynamic and fluid situation, covering all Metro’s services in ocean freight, air freight, overland, customs and value added services.

While Chris maintains integral relationships with Metro’s key accounts he also supports his partner and her front line NHS colleagues, with weekly ice-cream drops.