Date: 25.08.2020

The Metro team talk: Ben Fidler

Metro’s outsourcing services ensure that we can take care of the supply chain so you can focus on your business, with Ben and the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) team being a crucial component in these operations.  

Graduating with a degree in geography, Ben worked in the customer service industry before joining Metro in 2016. He began his career managing freight and customer services for a world leading tyre brand and a key blue chip Metro customer. 

In 2019, Ben joined the BPO team with specific focus on building and sustaining relationships with Metro’s Indian subcontinent team, analysing M-data, and streamlining functions to be outsourced. 

With businesses far and wide having to adapt to the constraints of Covid19, Ben and the BPO team played an integral role in ensuring Metro’s outsourcing services could continue to thrive. They created new I.T solutions to manage functions and troubleshoot issues remotely. 

At the beginning of this year Ben was promoted to supervisor. Resultantly, Ben takes on greater responsibilities including leading weekly briefings with outsource offices, and being the pivotal internal link in informing and updating directors.

Ben recently gave a presentation at the initial Next Gen meeting, pitching about potential improvements and updates to the company’s website and social media.