Date: 22.06.2020

The Metro team talk: Andy Fitchett

Andy is “relishing the opportunity that Brexit brings” because, working with our IT development team, he is pioneering the automation of EU and UK customs declaration requirements, to streamline freight movements into and out of the EU.

Andy joined Metro nine years ago, as import manager, to oversee this critical function and to take a leading role in the development of Metro’s award-winning operations and supply chain management platform, MVT.

With 35 years in the freight industry Andy’s experience has been invaluable in managing significant volume increases, from a variety of origins and across multiple verticals.

He has been pivotal in the creation of some of Metro’s most successful innovations, including specialised GOH (Garments on hanger) services for FCL and LCL movements, VIP account support and, more recently, integrated end-to-end supply chain solutions for the automotive sector: from raw materials; to OEM machining sites; and final delivery to manufacturers.

On Brexit, Andy has concerns. “Shippers are under-estimating the challenge facing them. “It is critical that people recognise that we have left the EU and instruct their forwarder, ideally Metro, as to their post transition requirements. There are still too many shippers that have still not even assessed their potential 2021 volumes which they need to prioritise and share with us, to avoid issues after withdrawal in December this year”.