Date: 12.05.2020

The Metro team talk: Andy Brooks

With the UK and continental Europe’s demand for critical medical supplies and equipment to combat COVID-19 likely to persist well into the second half of the year, efficient air freight solutions have never been more vital. Andy Brooks leads Metro’s air and PPE task team.

Andy has been with Metro for 20 years, expanding his knowledge and capabilities, developing a diverse and dynamic career, and becoming an indispensable member of the Metro team.

Andy started off as a trainee with Metro back when Aston Villa had a half reasonable football team – how times have changed since March 2000.

Andy has always been customer focused, building strong professional relationships with many, as well as key suppliers and partners.

Customer commitment, attention to detail and a natural sense of urgency are key skills for effective freight forwarders, that were recognised in Andy, early on at his time with Metro.

He has managed export ocean freight departments for general exports and Metro’s technically demanding specialist chemical and petrochemical operations.

Over the last six years Andy has managed Metro’s air freight operations, including responsibility for blue-chip customers in retail and automotive sectors.

Since the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic and resulting Covid-19 crisis Andy has taken the lead and responsibility on Metro’s PPE task team.

Meeting daily with key personnel, from across the business, Andy’s PPE task team has already coordinated and achieved the movement of over 50 million units of PPE and other critical medical equipments into the UK and throughout Europe.

Organising weekly charters, in the most challenging market ever, as part of Metro’s ongoing PPE solution, Andy is further diversifying his skillset and honing his air freight talent.

Andy and his wife welcomed the arrival of their first child in late March, at the beginning of the crisis, and are celebrating Grace Emily new start to the world.