Date: 28.04.2024

Supporting the Monsoon Accessorize Trust

The Monsoon Accessorize (MA) Trust was formed in 1994 to give back to the communities that the business source from. It has financed 262 sustainable development projects around the world, to deliver life-changing support to over 240,000 people and with your support it could do even more.

Helping women and children through education, health and income generation, the MA Trust has also supported emergency relief campaigns in India, Ukraine and most recently the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria, as well as for charities in the UK, such as  Grenfell.

The genesis of the MA Trust came after founder, Peter Simon’s overland journey to Asia, where he developed a strong compassionate interest in supporting women and underprivileged children, by tackling the key issues of healthcare and education.

Over the last 25 years MA Trust have worked with over 200 partners to deliver some life-saving and impactful developmental projects; from supporting survivors of domestic and sexual abuse by building a refuge centre to creating a sustainable livelihood for elderly women.

Since its formation in 1994 the MA Trust has raised over £7 million, providing grants for education, tackling poverty and community healthcare, while also running charitable projects that generate income and empower people.

This year, The Monsoon Accessorize Trust turns 30 and to celebrate this milestone and especially their projects and people on the ground, they are running a charity week from Monday 20th to Sunday 26th May, with a target of £150,000 to give back to vulnerable communities.

As a valued partner of Monsoon Accessorize we have contributed towards their target and would like to invite you to celebrate with us by making a contribution to the Monsoon Accessorize Trust. Simply click HERE to make a donation.

From raffles and pub quizzes, to sponsored marathons and charity bike rides, there are many ways you can help contribute to the cause. Click HERE to get the MA Trust Fundraising Pack.