Date: 29.07.2020

Sourcing and export support

The container ports and airports in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent are some of the busiest in the world. Their continuous growth underlines the strength of international trade enjoyed by both regions. 

The Middle East and Indian subcontinent generate around £80 billion of the United Kingdom’s international trade and is why Metro has been providing import and export services across both regions since our inception 40 years ago.

While both territories are key sourcing regions for many products, they are also key export markets, driven to some extent by extensive ‘Commonwealth’ connections and, in the case of the Middle East, significant demand for luxury brands and British brands.

The UK is actively seeking trade agreements with many countries across both regions and especially in those countries where it has strong commercial relationships, cultural and historic ties.

The Middle East accounts for £50 billion of the United Kingdom’s trade, which could rise sharply after Brexit, with the UK pursuing independent trade deals.

Attempts to draw up an EU free trade deal have faltered since negotiations began more than 20 years ago, so the UK will hope that its own attempts will prove more fruitful. 

Even without a free trade agreement, the Middle East represents an attractive market, with £30 billion worth of new opportunities annually for British businesses in defence, health care, medical devices and digital technologies.

We move cargo to and from the region, with regular sea and air services, operated n conjunction with our established partner network. 

Metro has competitive agreements with all the major alliances, across all primary ports and airports, to give our customers reliability and choice, which is especially important in the current environment of blank sailings. 

The core Metro verticals of retail and fashion, automotive, chemicals, industrial, and manufacturing are all key commodities in both regions, providing essential knowledge and experience in managing our clients supply chains. 

In addition, our excellent customer service teams and digital platform MVT enables our customers and their partners to gain much needed data, real time visibility, and an array of online management tools to closely manage their supply chains during times of service uncertainty.