Date: 13.11.2019

New team members visit MSC Emma

From their very first day with Metro, the opportunity for personal development and learning is a critical commitment to all our team members.

Starting with induction, continuous personal development through education and experience is part of every colleague’s Metro journey.

Formal education opportunities in freight, logistics and supply chain, are more numerous than ever, supporting all levels of aptitude and ambition.

While we support employee students at all levels, we also believe that nothing beats experience, which is why we are eager for every new team member to experience as much of the physical supply chain as they can.

From building pallets, to safe loading protocols and vehicle operation. We want Metro people to understand the physical translations of the supply chains they design and the shipping instructions they give.

Four of our most recent starters had the rare opportunity to experience the land-side operation of an ultra-large container vessel, when they visited the MSC Emma, on its most recent Felixstowe call.

Click HERE to see their gallery.

The quartet now has unique insights on containerships and on vessel and port operations, that lays plain the most important international trade transport mode.

MSC Emma by Kees Torn is licensed under CC