Date: 10.09.2020

Metro’s supply chain excellence recognised

Publisher and Events organiser, Akabo Media, is one of the most influential voices in supply chain, freight and logistics. Its annual Supply Chain Excellence awards uniquely feature clients and service providers, to emphasise the value and innovation delivered across the sector.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic and extended lockdowns the 2020 shortlist features 70 businesses, recognised for excellence, including client LANXESS, Metro,  Ella’s Kitchen, Kraft Heinz, Superdry and Tesco.

Shortlisted in the ‘Supply chain visibility’ category, Metro’s submission highlighted the solutions conceived and delivered by our technical and chemical experts – MVT and Elite – to LANXESS.

Finalist – Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2020

ADDING PINPOINT VISIBILITY TO ADDITIVES outlined the issues that LANXESS faced in tracking and managing their global fleet of ISO tanks, to collect product from global manufacturing sites and distribute to customers around the world.

The ultra-secure, cloud-based solution developed by the MVT team has been designed to meet the most demanding performance indicators, while managing these critical assets in real-time, with pinpoint accuracy, using a blend of supply chain modelling, GPS tracking and geo-fencing.

Exception management and automated non-conformity resolution are built into each tank’s supply chain path, to expedite progress and ensure the most efficient use of these critical assets, without human intervention.

LANXESS has improved profitability by increasing turnaround times and reducing redundant dwell time by 50%, which has also increased the ROI generated by these key assets. 

With one tool for global tank control and communications across LANXESS’ business, the ISO fleet has grown by 23%, without adding to the existing global management team.

Winners will be announced at London’s Park Lane Hilton on 12th November 2020.