Date: 27.08.2020

Metro’s 2020 undergraduate cohort are truly unique

Attracting talented young people to start a career in logistics is an industry wide issue, which Metro has addressed by engaging directly with regional universities and introducing the logistics and supply chain sector to annual cohorts of undergraduates. With the opportunity to experience a wide range of tasks and responsibilities, during a placement year.

The one year, fully-paid, Metro placement is designed to give undergraduates the opportunity to learn more about the practicalities of working at Metro in customer-facing teams and to develop their people skills, as well as helping them build practical knowledge of the supply chain and global logistics.

In learning the challenges our customers face and seeing how we develop the solutions and processes they need, we give undergraduates an engaging workplace experience and hopefully, inspire and nurture the next generation of talent for our client-facing teams.

Having experienced some unique times, Kiran-Sophie Ladva, an English Literature and Politics Student at Aston University, talks about her Metro experience.

As I have come to the end of a 13-month placement at Metro I thought it would be a great opportunity to write about my experience. With this job being notably opposite to my degree in English Literature and Politics, I began my placement journey feeling anxious, due to the minimal knowledge I had of the industry. 

By working and liaising with plenty of clients, carriers and hauliers, my confidence and knowledge in the industry excelled and flourished, strengthening communication, leadership and organisational skills. Also, this exposure to a diverse range of people allowed me to build strong relationships and friendships, in both work and general life. 

During my placement, global circumstances (i.e. Covid-19 and Brexit) impacted our industry tremendously, meaning I was apart of some of the most stressful situations our industry has faced. Being forced to adapt to new rules and regulations, this pressure has equipped me with vital skills to utilise in my future endeavours. 

Having achieved a 1st-class grade in my placement year, I am truly grateful for everything Metro has provided me with. The training, the variety of skills, the laughter, the stress, the friendships and the heightening in my confidence will impact my future positively. 

Thank you so much, Metro” #placement

Kiran-Sophie Ladva

English Literature and Politics Final Year Student