Date: 29.08.2023

Metro short-listed for two industry awards

We are very proud to be short-listed, with a prestige car brand client, for Logistics UK’s ‘Partner of the Year’ at the Logistics UK Awards, with a second short-listing for a ‘Supply Chain Innovation Award’, at the Supply Chain Excellence Awards, in association with a technology partner.

Trade awards are a great opportunity to highlight the professionalism of our team, by showcasing the successes we have achieved with customers and partners, in demonstrating the value and impact delivered by Metro.

Logistics UK Awards Finalist; Logistics Partner of the Year

In 2021 our client, a midlands based prestige car and luxury SUV manufacturer, launched their corporate strategy to create more sustainable supply chains and achieve net-zero emissions by 2039.

The award submission to Logistics UK highlighted the support Metro provided our client in moving towards their environmental objective, with three specific initiatives, including the conception and development of a cloud-based tool to calculate emission costs and CO2 equivalent emissions, of every consignment, by any mode: 

1. To measure and monitor emissions in the supply chain.

2. To access sustainable aviation fuel and tests to conduct flights in the most sustainable manner possible.

3. To create operational templates and drive down CO2 emissions by 1/3rd in the critical air freight channel.

In driving supply chain efficiency, with carbon footprint measuring and reduction through MVT Eco, Metro is positioning this client ahead of regulations (reporting Scope 3 emissions) and giving them a competitive advantage, with the tools to benchmark environmental performance.

Winner to be announced on the 7th December 2023.

Metro has specialised in the automotive, construction and agricultural vehicle sectors for over four decades, working with many of the most respected and established global brands, to coordinate the end to end movement of vehicles and machinery around the world, by RoRo and container services.

Supply Chain Excellence Awards Finalist; Supply Chain Innovation Award

Technology is a key differentiator for Metro. Conceived, created and supported by our technical solutions team, our technology is innovative and valuable to our customers. 

Evolving continuously we constantly scan for emerging technologies and trailblazing partners to take our solutions to the next level and add even more value.

MVT is our cloud-based, hyper secure, workflow solution that connects shippers to their entire supply chain, harnessing participant, process and inventory data to provide complete real-time visibility, control and intelligence.

Accurate ETA real-time visibility and current shipment information is a critical milestone, but traditional methods rely on carriers and terminal operators’ updates, which are often inaccurate or outdated, leading to wasted time and resource in tracking accurate updates.

Metro partnered with Windward, the leading Maritime AI company, and its Ocean Freight Visibility (OFV) solution to develop real-time visibility and AI Predicted ETAs for better planning, management by exception, and risk mitigation, which led to a 75% reduction in time spent on shipment operations and a 50% decrease in demurrage & detention costs.

The solutions developed with Windward includes “Reasons for Delay”, which automatically provides users with actionable visibility to support better business decisions and exception management.

Windward’s AI Predicted ETAs and delays updates are automated through API integration which enables efficient communication internally and externally with direct integration through our TMS and customer portal.

ETA Predictions, which are 88% more accurate than carrier ETA predictions, are displayed on Metro’s customer portal, next to the carrier’s most updated ETA, together with reasons for delay for containers arriving late.

Windward’s solution has also provided full visibility on over 95% of container milestones from Gate In at the port of loading to Gate Out at the destination port, with proactive mitigation measures and management by exception, to free up our operators’ time, to focus on customers.

Winner to be announced on the 9th November 2023.

Metro are at the forefront of supply chain management and visibility, in conceiving and developing the technologies that deliver real value in supporting businesses of all types and sizes.

The Metro board continues to invest in internally developed and externally acquired innovation in 2023-2024, which promises to be an exciting period for the Technical Solutions Team and business as a whole.

To learn more about our automotive capability, or how we can simplify your supply chain management, EMAIL Elliot Carlile.