Date: 02.06.2020

Metro Offices – We’re Back!

The vast majority of Metro staff have been working successfully from home over the past 10 weeks and now we are returning to our offices, gradually and safely.

As announced by the Government last week, the UK’s rate of infection has now reduced to below 1, meaning we can slowly begin to return to some form of normality. 

We have been working hard over the past couple of weeks to transform the office, so that we are abiding to social distancing rules, protecting our staff and creating a safe place to work.

This will be a gradual process that will be reviewed in key stages.  We will also continue home working where necessary, and so we will always be available to our customers.

Whilst these last 10 weeks have been very different, working individually and from our homes, we are proud of our employees who have really pushed themselves to adapt.

Adjusting to their new environment, they have learnt new skills to communicate with their teams, colleagues, suppliers and customers, taking on tasks in a different way to the norm.

We have made use of all available technology to keep communications and operations running as smoothly as possible and it has proved to be very successful and effective.

Some of these new processes we will bring forward with us as we keep developing to the new normal.

We recognise that social distancing will be required for some time and have adapted Eclipse House to safeguard our people as long as necessary.