Date: 13.01.2022

Metro deliver on ECO promise

Having conceived, created and launched the MVT Eco module in 2021 – to monitor the CO2 equivalent emissions, of each consignment we move – and committed to environmental transparency, Metro has now officially offset our emissions for 2020.

Companies’ response to climate change is arguably the most pressing issue facing society, which is why the UK government joined 38 international partners to welcome the establishment of new international sustainability reporting standards at COP26. 

Metro is among the 13,000 corporations that have committed to environmental transparency, using international sustainability reporting standards, by disclosing our environmental impact and working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests.

Metro’s MVT Eco module, which is part of our MVT suite of digital solutions and unique supply chain ecosystem management tools, monitors the energy emissions, emission costs and CO2 equivalent emissions, of each consignment we move, by every mode. Metro customers have free access, to monitor the environmental impact of their supply chains and participate in offset projects that will eradicate their CO2 footprint.

Metro partnered with environmental consultancy Comply Direct, to undertake an organisational carbon footprint exercise, to measure, target, reduce and offset our carbon footprint, across all areas under operational control within the UK. Conducted under international sustainability reporting standards, using the internationally recognised GHG Corporate Standard Protocol.

Metro is committed through our ISO 14001 system to reduce our footprint, by fully offsetting current emissions through purchasing verified carbon offsets, which allows Metro to take responsibility for the emissions already released, while taking steps to reduce emissions going forward.

The projects Metro support are aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, and include protecting the rainforest in Brazil, providing clean cooking stoves in Kenya and helping to assist the delivery of renewable energy to India, a country currently heavily reliant on coal.

We know that our actions are a small step, but if all companies took similar responsibility and action, we are absolutely convinced it really would make a difference. Many small steps will take you a long way.

In 2022 we will make further progress with additional initiatives, including EV charging points in our office car parks and the adoption of EV company cars as existing cars are replaced. On a larger scale we are working with partners that use the most sustainable methods of fuel and energy and that have adopted, and implemented, their own environmental policies and protocols to ensure that we can create some of the most eco-friendly and green supply chains from and to anywhere, globally.

The MVT ECO module is a cloud-based solution, that is available, free-of-charge, to all our shippers on their MVT dashboard, where they can view key eco statistics related to their movements, to see which areas will benefit most from emissions offsetting and where efforts can have the most impact.

To request a demo or discuss your requirements, please contact Simon George, who leads our technical solution team, or Claus Rasmussen to discuss carbon reduction strategies and the availability of offset projects.

It really does work!