Date: 10.02.2022

Making the new normal better

As we move into the post-coronavirus workplace, we are striking a balance between what worked before and what will succeed in the new future.

From thinking about the next normal to making it work: we considered what to stop, start, and accelerate, because the old ways of working are defunct in the new environment.

We are rethinking the knowledge, abilities, and experiences that our colleagues have, to encourage and implement skills-based development, that will support the expansion and diversification of our talent pool, without compromising on personal development and customer service.

By making the workplace a vehicle for our people and our values and reimagining the work to be done, we are supporting our employees’ needs and career development. 

The new workplace, needs to bring out the best in our team, by providing them with what is best for them. Because better employee experience, increases loyalty, creates larger talent pools, while increasing productivity and boosting customer satisfaction.

All our colleagues have returned to their offices, reuniting with their teams, in a safe and engaging environment, which supports collaboration, in serving our customers better.

Their old technology and thin-client network links are being replaced by leading-edge operating systems, laptop and mobile equipment, that offers more mobility and simplifies business continuity, with remote working a simple extension of the office.

Remote and induction training has continued throughout the pandemic, but nothing beats personal mentoring and the buzz of the classroom environment.

Our internal training team is working flat-out, through a backlog of operational and skills courses, while implementing new personal development plans, so that every colleague is allocated dedicated career coaching, to define their pathway, to realise their career and professional potential.

In a clear sign of our growth through the pandemic, over a dozen team-members – in our head office alone – have been promoted to supervisory, team leader and managerial positions, while long-standing financial controller, Laurence Burford, joins the board as finance director.

Bespoke management and graduate development programmes have been designed by our trainers, to introduce graduates to the variety of roles, skills and capabilities across the Metro group, while the leadership programme covers the essential skills that will enable manager and supervisors to be more effective in their role and support their team, while increasing their personal knowledge, confidence and capability.

Eight management development cohorts are working through the six modules, that will support them in their new roles and help prepare for the next step on their career ladder.

Metro strive for excellence, unparalleled career paths and a working environment that stimulates success, for the individual and for the business. This is inextricably linked in our philosophy. We are constantly recruiting new members to the team and welcome any interest from like-minded people, who would like a future with Metro and our associated business.

If you or someone you know would like to discuss a career at Metro please send details to Paul Moss, our Head of HR for engagement.