Date: 12.06.2024

If you’re helping, we can help

There are many reasons why businesses supporting charities is good (not least that most of us, as consumers, would rather be aligned with a philanthropic company), but above all that it’s just compassionate, positive, and the right thing to do. Which is why we like to help.

While Metro – and our team – regularly support charities that are relevant to us personally or locally, our customers’ charitable endeavours make a real difference and it is rewarding to know that anything we do to support them, directly or indirectly, will make an impact.

We highlight a couple of examples below, so that you can contribute to the worthy causes featured – ALL donations valued.

Monsoon Accessorize Trust
The MA Trust was formed in 1994 to give back to the communities that the business source from.

It has raised over £7 million and financed 262 sustainable development projects around the world, to deliver life-changing support to over 240,000 people, running charitable projects that generate income and empower.

We have contributed towards their current target and you can make a contribution to the Monsoon Accessorize Trust too by clicking HERE

For over 40 years JCB has supported the NSPCC, the UK’s leading children’s charity, helping to keep over a million children safer through its work with schools, national helplines, and specialist centres.

JCB has donated more than £5 million to the NSPCC which has been raised through a variety of charity events including bike rides, lotteries, concerts, raffles, and a host of other sponsored events.

Over the next two years, JCB is committed to raising £2 million pounds for the NSPCC and, in addition to financial contributions, Metro is organising an array of events to help JCB reach that goal, while raising awareness of the great things the NSPCC do!

We have already raffled off 4x VIP Club Wembley tickets for the FA Cup Final (raising £615) and won by valued client, Tracy Sney, of Polyflor.

More events are in the diary including…

50 mile bike ride
From Metro HQ to JCB HQ
8 Metro staff participating

Man vs Food
Metro staff will take on the challenge later this summer.

Summer Party
Metro’s summer party on the 10th August will feature fund-raising games and races

If you would like to support our work for the MA Trust, or the NSPCC, or you have a charity we can help you support, please  EMAIL our Chief Commercial Officer, Andy Smith.