Date: 21.01.2021

Heathrow cargo staff strike averted

British Airways’ (BA) cargo handling operation at Heathrow airport had been threatened with significant disruption following the announcement of further strikes, by members of the Unite union, in a nine day continuation of the action that started last December.

The cargo handlers have called off three days of strike action, which were scheduled to start today, in an ongoing dispute over pay and conditions, after progress in talks between the union and BA.

The handlers’ trade union, Unite, had been planning nine days of discontinuous strike action, between today and the 8th February, but this has now been reduced to six days.

The initial round of strikes, began in December continuing over the Christmas holidays, with the union alleging that 95 per cent of BA cargo loads coming through the airport were disrupted over the festive period.

More than 840 BA cargo workers, predominantly based at Heathrow airport, recorded a 98 per cent yes vote in favour of strike action late last year.

Unite has reached pay and conditions agreements with BA in all the other sections of the company where it represents workers, but says the airline is refusing to do the same for its cargo division.

The revised Unite BA cargo members strike dates: 02:00 hours on 29 January 2021, concluding at 10:00 hours on 29 January 2021

10:00 hours on 30 January 2021, concluding at 18:00 hours on 30 January 2021

18:00 hours on 31 January 2021, concluding at 02:00 hours on 1 February 2021

02:00 hours on 5 February 2021, concluding at 10:00 hours on 5 February 2021

10:00 hours on 6 February 2021, concluding at 18:00 hours on 6 February 2021

18:00 hours on 7 February 2021, concluding at 02:00 hours on 8 February 2021

We flex cargo volumes between our Heathrow and Birmingham airport operations, to take advantage of rate fluctuations and avoid congestion at UK and European air freight hubs, which means we positioned to protect our customers during the ongoing Heathrow dispute.

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