Date: 23.09.2022

Enhanced entity and expansion in India support continued growth of outsourced business services

For over 40 years, spanning five decades, Metro has been managing and transforming outsourced supply chains for leading manufacturers and distributors globally, supported by the development of international business process outsource (BPO) operations since 1998.

By taking responsibility for their supply chains – and all their documentary requirements – our customers are free to concentrate on their business, finding new customers, producing or sourcing products and opening new markets.

Our documentation and process outsourcing solutions are entirely bespoke for each client, with a situation and needs analysis that reviews, audits and maps operations, financial and compliance tasks and requirements, to optimise documentation, streamline processes and introduce digital efficiencies.

The correct paperwork and digital declaration is vital for every shipment and differs enormously by country, mode and product, so it is critical that we get it right, first time, every time, or we risk incurring delays, financial penalties, or worse.

In 2018, following the EU exit referendum and with the massive increase in customs declarations that Brexit would create – estimated to exceed 400million annually – an outsource operation was launched in India. This was in addition to our already mature and established Malaysia based ‘back office’ platform.

Our business process and outsource (BPO) function in India, Malaysia and UK has grown consistently and currently completes huge numbers of administrative functions each week – equivalent to millions of individual tasks per annum – to expedite the global transport and border clearance of 1000’s of individual consignments.

Our team in India has grown to more than 50 and we are delighted to confirm that our Indian entity, M-ISC Shared Service Centre Private Limited, has been incorporated earlier this month and development of new purposely commissioned premises in Chennai will commence shortly, with opening planned for early 2023.

The larger, and plusher, office will enable further growth and increase resources at our disposal in India, to further enhance communication and interaction with customers and supporting staff in the UK.

We look forward to welcoming M-ISC colleagues to our UKHQ for training, knowledge-sharing, and further integration into the Metro team, with regular colleague learning and experience exchanges on a scheduled monthly basis.

As a global team we will ensure that we have the resources to handle all aspect of logistics with our customers and integrate supply chains on a 24/7 basis through automated process and focused ambitious solutions throughout the world.

For further information please contact Andrew White, who leads our UKHQ based BPO team or Simon George who will be delighted to explain how our technical solutions streamline/standardise/digitise complex processes.