Date: 26.04.2023

CargoWise and Metro’s MVT provide unrivalled technological edge

Executing highly complex shipping transactions across multiple users, functions, offices, countries, currencies and languages, Cargowise automates workflows, optimises business processes and provides real-time data visibility.

Cargowise is providing more time for Metro to concentrate on the service it delivers and the development of the highest quality solutions for its clients.

Simon George, Metro’s technical solution director talks about Metro’s Cargowise investment and implementation.

“We care about our customers and our people, which is why we invest in technology like Cargowise, that supports the most valuable assets of our company, with tools that help them adapt swiftly to customer needs and make effective decisions immediately.

Metro began implementing Cargowise as our core freight forwarding operations platform two years ago, with large parts of the business successfully transitioning through the lockdown period, with modular learning, devised by our internal training team.

In adopting Cargowise we are enhancing our paperless office environment, with digital processes, business rules and workflows, designed to identify and eradicate errors before anything untoward happens.

Instead of ‘fire-fighting’ operational issues, our people will be free to concentrate on enhancing solutions and identifying opportunities that add more value for our customers.

Real-time visibility, detailed financial reporting and improved data quality provide the freedom to speed up processes and make strategic decisions faster than ever before.   

The reporting and broad-based KPI’s that we can track is providing us with the accurate data that supports immediate and agile, customer-focused decisions.

Integrating Cargowise and our MVT supply chain platform increases the volume of data we can share with customers, enhances the way in which they can view and manipulate this information and means that most data feeds are in, or close to, real-time.

Shipment visibility is a core functionality, with real-time tracking monitoring schedules and global mapping of assets, together with our investment in AI for predictive ETAs, that support efficient planning, while avoiding fees and penalties.

Performance tracking is being simplified and means that customers can track our performance alongside carriers and key vendors globally.

In understanding our customers’ ambitions and business goals, we can identify opportunities to cut costs and make improvement in their supply chain, with our innovative Cargowise/MVT technology providing total control and visibility.”

The Metro board continues to invest in internally developed and externally acquired innovation in 2023-2024, which promises to be an exciting and rewarding period for the business and our customers. EMAIL Simon George, Technical Solutions Director, to learn more.