Date: 16.07.2020

Award-winning MVT moves up to the next level

MVT, Metro’s cloud-based, hyper secure, operations and supply chain management system is moving up to version 4.0

Multi award-winning MVT connects shippers to their entire supply chain, providing real-time visibility, milestone event management, control and intelligence, in a secure cloud based environment. This is down to Purchase Order and SKU levels.

For twenty years Metro has been investing in technology,  software developers, systems analysts and data scientists to conceive, design, create and support four generations of “My Visibility Tool”.

Built in Angular and .NET frameworks, the ‘all-new’ and refreshed Version 4.0 will offer a much friendlier and interactive user experience (UX), incorporating single-sign-on authentication (SSO) to further enhance the security of the platform.

Despite working from home, during crucial build stages, the MVT development team has maintained a tightly-knit disciplined approach to keep production on schedule, with the first customer Dashboard shipped last month and several more in the pipeline, to be released over the next three months.

The team are incrementally migrating legacy applications to the new platform, with other applications in the pipeline for an upgrade including core products such as Track and Trace.

Already looking to Version 5.0 and beyond, Metro’s technology team is currently supporting two Blockchain projects and exploring the opportunities in Industry 4.0, where Metro is using data from sensors, geo-fencing and GPS to track client assets and monitor environmental conditions with pinpoint global accuracy.

MVT is not just a track and trace platform. It is a business enhancement tool, that streamlines global trading and ensures every aspect of the supply chain is transparent and measurable.

With Brexit creating a much larger new requirement for international trade, Metro are at the forefront of digitalisation of the European structural changes to come within trading with our Continental partners.

For further information please call your account manager for a health check of your current logistics model.